Market Offerings August 20th

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Hello all It’s going to be another hot one tomorrow! What a great opportunity to enjoy our market under the shade of the trees in Trigon Park!

Here are a few of the highlights of what is being offered tomorrow morning.

Opies Gifts will be there with new aprons, and dish cloth wreaths, scarves and shawls and new paracord bracelet colors.

Phillips Organic will have Organic heirloom tomatoes, spaghetti squash, garlic, greens, and cucumbers plus flavored vinegars from Hill ‘n Hollow.

J&W will be there with watermelon and cantaloupe in addition to all of their usual veggies.

Mellander Maple, Nice Farms, Mackenzie Farms, Dave the Honey Guy and It’s a Natural Farm will also be there this week.

Peg’s Produce will be there NEXT week. Peg’s son is getting married tomorrow and we would like to congratulate her and her entire family on the happy occasion!

In the Community Booth you will find the Oatka Creek Watershed Committee and Denise Duthe will be playing her harp as our entertainment.

Thank you for supporting our little market. See you tomorrow!

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